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    Get Social or Get Left in the Dust

    Posted by Susan LaPoint on Apr 13, 2016 10:03:32 AM

    Like a tree crashing in the forest, if your product drops and no one shares it on social media, it’s like it never happened. You may get some sales through standard means, but to really count now, you need a strong social media presence.

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    What Role do AI and IoT Devices Play in Your Life?

    Posted by Christa Bender on Apr 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

    Most of us have a computer in our pockets, yes I am talking about your cellphone. Our smartphones allow us to do many things – update our calendars, call/text/email contacts, surf the web, or interact with one of thousands of apps. The more we use our smartphones and other smart devices, the more we want them to be intuitive and be able to interact with us, thereby making the transaction we are trying to complete even easier.

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    Milestone AV Technologies Adds Vaddio to Their Offerings

    Posted by Christa Bender on Apr 5, 2016 8:34:12 AM

    In news that is bound to make heads spin, Milestone AV Technologies announced it has acquired Vaddio, a global manufacturer of PTZ cameras, professional AV solutions, and unified communication and collaboration solutions. Vaddio joins other well-known brands such as Chief, Da-Lite, SANUS, and Projecta as part of the Milestone AV Technology family.

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    My First Week with Pivot Communications

    Posted by Christa Bender on Mar 28, 2016 11:44:46 AM

    If you missed the exciting press release from earlier this week, I am working for Pivot Communications! No, this is not my first job, but it is the first job where I am a remote employee. However, just because I am a remote employee does not mean that I am not connected with the rest of my team members. My virtual connection does not simply go from Pennsylvania to Utah—it is limitless in its reach as Pivot has clients located around the country.

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    Pivot Communications Appoints AV ‘Power Player’ as New Client Services Manager

    Posted by Susan LaPoint on Mar 23, 2016 12:02:19 PM

     Christa Bender Joins Growing AV/Tech Marketing Agency

    Salt Lake City, UT – Pivot Communications (www.pivotslc.com) announced today that Christa Bender has joined Pivot to support its growing list of accounts. Christa
    has 13 years of AV industry experience. She became a Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS) in 2010 and holds many AV manufacturer certifications. Christa is currently studying for her CTS-Design exam.

    One of the common challenges for sales and marketing teams is understanding a company’s products and services due to the highly technical nature of AV. Christa brings proven technical abilities and frontline experience working with AV customers. Christa’s achievements include being recognized by Commercial Integrator as a Top 40 Influencer under 40 in 2015, as well as one of 103 #AVTweeps You Must Follow on Twitter. She was named a Power Player by Systems Contractor News, honoring exemplary women in the industry, and she was one of three women presented with the Women in AV (WAVE) Business and Leadership Conference Award in 2015.

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    How to Survive a Social Media Mishap

    Posted by Susan LaPoint on Apr 7, 2015 9:33:00 AM

    In the early days of my social media career, I worked with smaller clients who were worried and reluctant. They knew they wanted to be seen and heard in the big, wide world of the web, but even though they hired a professional to navigate, they still feared it would swallow them whole. They worried they would be exposed to the competition. They were concerned about how they would manage their reputations. Mostly, though, they were afraid of making mistakes. I learned to assure them that they would certainly make blunders and bloopers. Then I assured them there are ways to mitigate them. Sometimes you even come out better than had you avoided a mess in the first place.

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