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Why Rebrand?

Posted by Christa Bender on May 12, 2016 7:00:00 AM
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There are many reasons a company may choose to rebrand. If a company wants to change its image or simply maintained the same ownership and look for a number of years, outdated imagery may need to be replaced with modern images, packaging, logos—even name—etc. The rebranding of the company can be permanent, or it can be for a set period of time.


If your company is celebrating a milestone year, such as being in business for 50 years, you may rebrand the logo or slogan to include something that alludes to this milestone. Sometimes rebranding comes after a major change of ownership due to a merger or acquisition. Two separate identities merge together or become one new identity as a completely new brand.

Are you reaching your full revenue potential? Try the calculator to find out.Last year Budweiser relabeled their cans and bottles to include the image of the Statue of Liberty on them. This year, Budweiser is rebranding their beer cans and bottles to include the word ‘America’ in place of the Budweiser logo—an interesting move considering it is an election year and are establishing themselves as a patriotic company.

Rebranding allows you to refresh your look and better define what your company is about. It grabs the attention of customers and even competitors. It shows that your company is not stagnant but ready to grow.

Rebranding creates excitement and generates discussion. Share your favorite rebranding stories! 

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