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The Wonderful World of Pivot

Posted by Christa Bender on Apr 25, 2016 6:00:00 AM
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Pivot's own Christa Bender visits Salt Lake City Utah for the first time and loves everything about it.I assume that if you are reading this blog that you know I have been a Pivot employee for a month now. If you missed that tidbit of exciting news, you can read about my first week at Pivot or you can read the Pivot press release that describes my position and value to the team.

Yes, I survived my first month as a remote employee. But after a couple of weeks of being remote I wanted more, so I joined the team in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT last week to get an inside glimpse of where the magic happens. 

It was my first time visiting SLC and I look forward to going back again. As a self-proclaimed foodie—meaning I see food and eat it—there were plenty of fantastic choices. Every meal I had in SLC was great. As I was driven around the city, I enjoyed the historic and modern architecture that permeates from the residential areas to the business district. I was able to catch some snow in Snowbird as well as warm sunshine at the bottom of the mountain. And all of the mountains are worth seeing—they are so beautiful. I even caught a glimpse of the Great Salt Lake in the distance.

When I am not physically in SLC, I utilize Skype for Business, Zoom, and Trello every day to collaborate with my Pivot team members and clients. These tools help me feel less isolated as my team members are only a click away.

I still agree with my statement from my first week – Pivot provides a wonderful environment to work in!