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Get Social or Get Left in the Dust

Posted by Susan LaPoint on Apr 13, 2016 10:03:32 AM
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Get Social or Get Left in the Dust

Like a tree crashing in the forest, if your product drops and no one shares it on social media, it’s like it never happened. You may get some sales through standard means, but to really count now, you need a strong social media presence.

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg explained plans to change the way people can communicate with companies. “Messenger bots” will allow you to message a business in the same way you do your connections. That’s a significant change in the way we engage with businesses. And if you’re in tech, you’re cutting edge, so you should present yourself to the world that way.

I often hear concerns that it’s hard to measure results and return on social media. We do lots of things that are of value even if those skills or activities can’t be quantified. You still teach your child how to safely cross the street even if it isn’t going to pop up as a question on the SATs. It’s simply a matter of survival—just like a social media presence is to a company.

Of course, there are hard and soft benefits. You can measure clicks and purchases on a Facebook or LinkedIn ad, but it’s much more difficult to measure exposure, reputation, etc. An “impression” means a post made it into someone’s feed, but you don’t know whether it made an impression on a person.

The butterfly effect has taken on new meaning when it comes to the internet. People’s power to make information go viral has changed the face of business, politics, and popular culture. Of course, even if posts or campaigns don’t go viral, it doesn’t mean they don’t have an impact. Exposure has a cumulative effect for messages and brands.

Social media is not going away. The CEO of Hootsuite has explained why social media is no longer optional. The average person relies and interacts on social media more and more all the time. Use your presence there to create goodwill, share information, and listen to your followers and customers. Be friendly and let your personality shine.

Go ahead and measure and analyze as much as you want, but no matter what, you still need to be socializing.




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