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After Technology Buyers? Why Constant Contact Could Be Holding You Back.

Posted by Jane Johnson on May 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Marketing_Automationg_Blog_Post_image.jpgUsing Constant Contact is like riding a bike with training wheels. You probably won’t crash but you won’t get anywhere very fast either. When the rest of technical marketers are driving cars with built-in GPS, exceptional fuel economy, and full in-dashboard diagnostic systems, you can bet they’ll get to the party where all the technology buyers are well before you do.

“But Constant Contact is so cheap.” Listen, I get it. When you’re pinched for every dollar, an easy-to-use $50-90/month email distribution system is a siren song that’s pretty hard to resist. And if all you want to do is blast out emails and track open and clicks, then I’d say go for it. But, if you’re struggling to generate and nurture leads, increase conversion rates, integrate your marketing activities, and understand which tactics are most effective—all of which equal missed opportunity for revenue—it’s time to ditch those training wheels and move into advanced marketing software.

Here are four features you need right now to deliver qualified leads to your sales teams—and you won’t get them with Constant Contact:

  1. A/B testing.

You’ve heard about this—testing different variables on your emails and landing pages to see which has the greatest impact on response rates. Even the simplest changes can have a significant impact, such as altering a button color or a word in a subject line. We find testing helps identify behaviors and determine preferences of your target audience and will improve conversion rates.   

  1. Lead scoring.
    Not all leads are created the same. Scoring ensures you target the right leads in the right way at the right time. You are then able to conserve and better manage your marketing and sales resources.

  2. Progressive profiling.

You wouldn’t go to a dinner party and start asking strangers how much they make, what their habits are, etc. In civilized society, there is a natural progression to a relationship. Similarly, you never want to inundate a prospective customer. You want to gradually build trust and ultimately build a mutually beneficial relationship. Progressive profiling allows you to ask for new bits of information at various stages and in exchange for something in return.

  1. Marketing automation.

Remember the first time you saw a Rube Goldberg machine? The apparatus where you can set off a series of events with just the snip of a string or the drop of a marble? It looks convoluted, but one little action makes everything go off just right. Marketing automation works under the same premise but is much more efficient. Of course, the process must be engineered for success, but one click from a prospect can trigger customized follow-ups.

If generating and qualifying leads is high on your marketing priorities list, it may be time to move into the fast lane with a true marketing automation solution.

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